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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
"Our Flag is a Strong Symbol"

U.S. Flag

An American flag known as the “Great Union Flag” was first hoisted outside Boston probably at Propect Hill or at Cambridge on January 1, 1776. It went through 27 changes in design to get where it is today.

The Stars & Stripes symbolizes many things to many people. Why the red, white and blue colors. Why stripes, why starts, etc.. Although there is not documented an “official” description of the the flag’s symbolism, Charles Thompson, who was secretary of the Continental Congress described the flag in his notes this way.

The 13 stripes (white and red) symbolize the 13 colonies. The color red symbolizes hardiness and valour (the blood that would be shed for liberty). The color red also symbolized Great Britian from which the 13 thirteen colonies would seek independence. The white stripes symbolized purity and they are used to separate the red stripes as the colonies were looking to separate themselves from England.

The individual stars represented the 13 states colonies (or later states). The distinctness and separatness of the stars (colonies or states) symbolized their independence as 13 individual governments (at that time the central government was to be kept weak for fear that it would become too strong, too controlling and become like the King of England).

Why stars against a blue field? Our founding fathers were seeking wisdom and inspiration from the heavens. They looked to the heavens and the Creator for their guidance.

Like so many things our founding fathers (Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, etc...) did, not the least of which was our Constitution, they lasted, they endured and they serve to inspire us today.

Ralph Arata

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