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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Classified Information

Ok, since ad policy is a work in progress, I am maintaining a full policy statement at
Meanwhile, I will use this space to point out any supplements, opinions, or attitudes. David Lieb

Advertising in the printed and posted versions of The Driveline is not currently being used as a profit center.

Magazine ads are posted as space permits in appreciation of club recognition in those publications.

We now accept text-only commercial ads with MG relevance from members. These are run only on the internet and are limited to a three-month run per year of membership. No, this doesn't mean that you people who have been members for the whole twenty-five years can have seventy-five months of advertising starting now, it means that you can have another three months next year if you renew again.

Descriptions of items for sale are based on information supplied by the seller and are supplied in good faith with no guarantees on the part of the Chicagoland MG Club.

Due to the differing time-scales involved, I am really not interested in running ads for cars that are on eBay. If the interest appears to be there, I might be persuaded to maintain a list of members' items on eBay, but I doubt it.

If we are running an ad for you, please let me know if the item is sold so that I can make room for more ads and so that other members aren't disappointed when they call you about the item.

My secondary goal is to see that as many MGs as possible wind up in CMGC Rallies.

David Lieb

©2001 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.