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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

There were 28 members present, no guests and no new members. Tonights meeting began at 8:01 pm and ended at 8:38 pm


Debora Mennell Siemens Auto Cross - There was a good turn out of 16 cars and 19 drivers. The run was laid out over 3 parking lots this year and took, on the average, about 2 minutes to drive. The weather was cool and sunny, very few people DNF’d and everyone had a great time.
Lucas Night Rally - Barney attended this and reported that we finally bested the Miatas. Dave Lieb was first overall coming in before 16 Miatas and 3 other MGs. Barney and Elliot came in third. There were 3 legs of the race, all differing one from another in feel and style, which covered 40 miles and took around 2 hours to drive. It ended in a very good dinner and party at the restaurant.
British Car Day - Cowboys tells us that about 400 car pre-registered and around 600 cars attended despite the day long drizzle. The tech sessions, presentations and videos were well received and there seemed to be no complaints about the new location.
    Dave Lieb says that the Saturday Healey rally was great and the weather was beautiful.
Tech Sessions - Steve Merical reported on two prior tech sessions. One on distributors where Cowboys car was used as a teaching tool. Also at this same session was a rescue effort of our own. The group tuned a MGB so that it would pass emmissions tests, which it did with colors flying.
    The second tech sessions was work done on a ’77 MGB that has 55,000 original miles purchased from Arizona and held in storage for 13 years. The car is being driven now.
    The speedy sleeves Steve received from Moss were the wrong size so this tech session will be re-scheduled as soon as the correct parts arrive.


Fall Festival - This is a VSCDA sponsored event that features MGs and will have a MG only race. Currently there are 63 cars registered for this race, at least 38 are TFs or earlier models. Several members of our club will be driving this weekend, most in the Group 1 (pre-war) class. Saturday has a tour following the original, 6 mile, street course through town that is open to all pre-registered, sports car drivers. You must be registerd by September 19, 2001. Following the tour will be a small celebration in town where these cars will be parked for your inspection.
    The cost for the event itself is 10.00 dollars for Friday, 15.00 dollars for Saturday and Sunday each or a 30.00 dollar charge for a full three day pass. Pay at the gate.
MGA Research Autocross - Maynard Hirsch and Barney Gaylord are working on an autocross to be held at the MGA Research Facilities in Burlington, Wisconsin. This facility was used as the AMC proving ground and is now used to test vehicle safety measures. We have the use of the 12 acre skid pad area at no charge. The fee required by the facilities is a donation to a local charity in their name. We, however, will be asking for $20.00 to cover this donation. We will be running this with the Milwaukee Club and possibly the Rockford organization of Boots and Bonnets.
    This autocross will be held on October 14, 2001 beginning at 900 am. Please e-mail Dave Bralich to inquire about caravan arrangements. Usual autocross rules apply.
Halloween Rally - Paul Urquhart passed out an example of the instructions and rules that will be used during this rally. This is going to be quite different from the normal fare served up in a rally. Time will be the most important factor with mileage counting for nothing. There will be an important “poker run” piece and costumes will qualify you for 1 extra card, so make sure you put dress for the rally. There are only 6 questions that need to be answered and a navigator is essential for this event.
    Paul MUST know ahead of time if you will be participating so that he can make certain the appropriate number of playing cars are available. Contact him by phone or e-mail with the names of the driver and navigator plus what type of car will be driven.
Silver Anniversary - Make sure that you attend the next (October 15) meeting. It is our Silver Anniversary and there will be goodies.
Roster - One of the items that we are trying to put together in time for the anniversary party is a new roster. You should all have received a form in the mail asking for updated personal and vehicle information. If you haven’t sent it back please do so soon. The roster goes to the printers in early October and we want good data in there.
Election Time - It’s election time once again. We are taking nominations for the officers positions during the next month. Please speak with your nominee first before sending the information to the current officers. Nominations will be closed in November when elections ballots will be prepared.
Regalia - Larry Daniels has the new sweatshirts in, check them out on the website, they look terrific. He will be putting in an order for denim jackets as soon as he has 6 requests. Please contact him if you are interested - he needs 4 more people to sign up.
Misc - George Goeppner attended the welding talk at BCU and later did some research in regards to the level of shading needed for our mig welder. He found that a level of 10 is recommended for this and while rather dark it is best to become familiar with working at this level than to risk a flash burn. This was seconded by Paul Urquhart who has experienced a flash burn and described the pain and discomfort he went through at the time.
Raffle - The 50/50 raffle was won by Reinout Vogt. There were also numerous winners of Carb Cleaner and LEAD donated by Dave Bralich.

Respectufully submitted,
Deb Mennell

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