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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
David Lieb Lucas Night Rally
Report #2
September 15, 2001

Three for the price of one! What a deal you missed this time. This year’s Lucas Memorial Night Rally was actually three separate rallies run one after the other. The original concept was to return to the starting point after completing each of the three sections to turn in your sheets, but the Oak Lawn police department was a little sensitive about public gatherings of people, so Dave dispensed with the check-ins between legs. Unfortunately, this meant that the scoring of the rally took much more time afterwards. But the weather was fine, albeit a tad chilly by the time we got home, and if I had had any sense I would have put the top up for the drive home.

Page one was Dave Tucker’s “spider rally” which ran us up and down the roads that meet at 87th and Ridgeland (and State Road and Narraganset) in search of knights of old and Hawaiian snow.

Pages two, three, and four were Susie Tucker’s more traditional gimmick rally running us through nearly forty miles of South Side real estate to find “dreams and memories”, Martians, palm trees, and “honkey poultry stores”.

Page five was Bud Yeager’s contribution. Twenty-five questions that could all be answered from the parking lot of the start/finish point. Of course there was no order to them and we ended up driving round around like a bunch of loonies trying to find the CABDA 50th Anniversary Clock and the business named after a “killer drink”.

We were out-numbered four to one by the Miata club, but we did out-number the Triumph club four to one! (One 1970 Triumph Spitfire showed up, you do the math.) At least Michaela and I managed to outscore the top Miata by one point this year!

The Halloween Rally on October 28th will be the last rally of the season. Come on up and beat me!.

David Lieb

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